DP CAS Goals

Here, I outline my Creativity, Activity, and Service goals for this semester. These include participating in Model United Nations, trying out for SAISA Badminton and co-founding a new service program Community Film. I talk about the different outcomes for each of them, how I plan to achieve them, as well as how I will benefit from them.


This year, my primary undertaking for creativity will be Model United Nations. Last year, I joined it for the first time as a regular afterschool activity. I was a beginner in the field of debating and therefore, my participation was not of higher order. I barely spoke up in the COMUN 2015 conference, but walked away with an increased interest and passion for MUN. This year, I want to grow and become more actively engaged. I will do this by moving out of my comfort zone and speaking more. As I, as a delegate, already have 1 year of experience, I would also like to encourage and motivate other novice and delegates of our group. This is important as it will strengthen our school’s delegation as a whole. Furthermore, I seek to participate in more local debating competitions. I was involved in one last year and learnt that their style of debating is completely different from that of the MUN conference. So, that is also a personal area of improvement. Persistently working collaboratively with teammates is important to achieve success during the debates. Throughout my involvement in this activity, I will constantly be undertaking challenges and overcoming obstacles, all the while developing my strengths and knowledge in different fields. I will be engrossed with a diverse range of issues of global importance that will also boost my international awareness.

I will be planning and initiating a new service organization in the school called Community Film with my colleague Mohamed Akbarally. While it has more of a service side to it, a creative element is also included. This is because we will be publicizing the various other service groups in our school through the medium of film or video, which requires a lot of imagination and innovation.


The two main sports I am proficient in are table tennis and badminton. Since there is are no inter-school tournaments for table tennis like SAISA, I may have to only participate in the afterschool activity, forbidding me from achievement in the sport. As a result, I plan to join SAISA badminton in block 2 and work really hard in order to try to make the team. This will truly test my abilities and my consistency in play. In the past, I have noticed that my skills are irregular during different sessions. I want to change that this time by constantly practicing and developing experience. This will eminently require commitment if I want to achieve my ultimate of goal of making the official team.


Pursuing my passion for filmmaking, I will be founding a new service program called Community Film with fellow colleague Mohamed Akbarally. Our foremost purpose is to document and publicize the various service groups present in our school and the less fortunate communities they visit in order to spread awareness and attention they deserve. As stated before, we will be doing this through the medium of film. We expect to showcase our products during school assemblies as well as using the internet as a platform. During the first semester, only us 2 will be engaged in our service in order to test out its feasibility. If successful, we will be accepting members from the second semester. Unlike other services which only allow you to explore one area, ours allows us to visit many different services and learn about each one. In addition, our service is really interactive and provides everyone with a hands-on experience. Since there is some filmmaking required, we will only accept people with some experience in the past. This way they will not waste valuable time learning the basics. Throughout the course of action, we will be pushing our teammates to work hard and undertake new challenges. There will be a lot of learning involved and everyone will develop many new skills. Working collaboratively and efficiently is an important aspect as we don’t want anyone putting time into the service that they could use for their personal academics. We strive to respect the people and places we document, while at the same time enlarging their position in the community along with expanding the learning of our teammates.


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