Community Film – A New Service Initiative

There are many brilliant service organisations in our school. However, they do not receive the attention they deserve. So, 2 people, Mohamed and  I, decided to bring change and founded our new service, Community Film, which aims to document and raise awareness for the various other service groups present in the school through the medium of film.

For our community and service endeavor, we plan on using the internet as a platform to create short films which publicize and raise awareness to the service activities present in our school. This will not only give the members who join the C&S an opportunity to interact with a variety of communities, but also then reflect on the learning through the content of short films. The idea of visiting different service projects is a fundamental idea for our service as it would inspire and educate our service members in understanding what each project entails but also allows for first hand footage which will make our products more authentic.

We do not intend on over cluttering different service activities with too many members, as this would disturb the actions of the services themselves. Our intent is to split into multiple small groups that are assigned to different services. This way we get can acquire more content and also avoid any disturbances. All filming and exploration into other services will be done with the approval from the respective C&S coordinator and supervisor.


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