MUN Workshop

On the 21st of November, all the members of COMUN 2016 gathered together for officially the first time during a workshop. This event was held as an introductory session by the EXCO for all the delegates, and was especially important for the novices.

OSC COMUN Delegation

The OSC COMUN Delegation

Various areas were explained on the surface and many in depth. A brief history of the United Nations was given, followed by insights in procedure, speaker’s list, moderated caucus, unmoderated caucus, research etc. Committees were introduced as well as the whole structure of conference was presented.

I was familiar with almost all the information given out but there were some parts that were also beneficial to me. However, it was very pleasing to see much of the OSC delegation paying attention and taking notes. It shows that COMUN 2016 will be a very successful conference for us.

In exactly 3 weeks, on the 12th of December, the delegates will be getting their first real tastes of Model United Nations, in the first practice debate.

balcony view

A view from the balcony.


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