Learning Experience @ Indian Bank

University is quickly approaching and before long, I will be stepping out into the real world with my own career path. So, this was an appropriate time for me to explore one of my areas of interest. During these winter holidays, I decided to go to the Colombo branch of Indian Bank to look into the finance and banking sector.

I attended the bank for a total of 8 days between December 21st, 2015 and July 8, 2016. I used to go for a total of 3 hours each day from 9am to noon. I was supervised by the Senior Manager of the bank, Mr. Kartikeyan, who guided me through my whole learning experience. I learnt about various topics including the history of banks, types of banks, technology advancements, alternate delivery channels, and many more.

Working at a bank seems to be quite hectic and busy from what I saw. There were constantly employees buzzing about and phones ringing. After looking at a few banking documents, I was left utterly confused as I didn’t understand much of the gibberish and long lists of numbers. I guess there is a still long way for me to go if I am going to pursue the finance career path.

Overall, attending Indian Bank was a wonderful first time experience for me. I was able to increase my knowledge.

Here is the certificate I acquired: Indian Bank Certificate


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