Being Globally Aware

As a learner of the 21st century, I feel obliged to engage with issues of global importance. It is necessary to play a part in the international community and develop as a global citizen. In an increasingly interconnected world today, communication and global awareness are of utmost importance, and I believe I am performing well enough to comply with these expectations. I have been involved extensively in Model United Nations, which is heavy on global issues, and I manage my own service Community Film that spreads awareness on various different issues.

Model United Nations is exclusively based around the idea of global issues. As a simulation of the real United Nations, we discuss issues regarding international economic, social, cultural, and humanitarian problems of the world. This is aimed right towards fostering cooperation in maintaining peace and security, and promoting the fundamental rights and freedoms of the human race. This year at the COMUN 2016 conference, I am part of the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee, where topics such as gender equality, drug and human trafficking, sex tourism, and transitional justice are discussed.

Community Film, the service I founded last semester, is not deeply associated with one global issue, but rather a vast array of them. Since we visit other service groups and make videos to raise their awareness, we are able to connect with different groups of people concerned with different matters. Till now, we have been involved with Hope for Kids, a service group associated with the cancer hospital in Colombo, and Deaf Hearing Exchange, a service that concerns the deaf students at a center in Colombo. In the future, we hope to continue and increase the frequency of our video output, and also publish our products on other platforms that will allow us to reach a wider audience.


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