COMUN 2016 Conference

Agendas have been debated, resolutions have been drafted and awards have been presented. COMUN 2016 has finally concluded.

My participation in conference has been deemed successful due to my diplomatic attitude, active participation, and logical decision making. I may have not been the most important envoy as the delegate of Cuba in GA3, but when it came to voting and resolution-writing, each and every vote counted, even Cuba’s. Unlike the practice debates, I was not able to voice out my thoughts as much due to an increasingly complex topic, but the very idea of the “United Nations” held me in.

The conference took place from February 19th to February 21st. The first two days were hosted at OSC while the third day was held at the luxurious Cinnamon Lakeside. Delegates, chairs and admins were all dressed formally making the whole experience seem even more diplomatic and pragmatic.

This was General Assembly 3’s topic for the first 2 days of conference:

Dissecting transitional justice to recognize its implications with special regards to social development.

Transitional Justice is essentially a recovery process for post-conflict regions or human rights abuses, which effectively addresses:

  • Criminal prosecutions
  • Truth commissions
  • Reparations programs
  • Gender justice
  • Security system reform


The third day was slightly different. We engaged in a ‘crisis’, which is basically a series of fictitious events that we, the delegates of all the General Assemblies, try to solve through debating and negotiating. For COMUN 2016, the crisis was the ‘collapse of the Mosul Dam’ and the ‘invasion of Syria by ISIS’. Crises require some extra skill as one has to come up with innovative but diplomatic ideas that are helpful to the problem at hand, but also comply with one’s country’s policies.

COMUN Official Website:

Media Publication:

This special event could not go without a photoshoot:


The OSC delegation in action:

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