Circuitry 101

In pursuit of a shocking interest (pun intended), I recently joined Circuitry 101, an afterschool activity in which we create mini electrical circuits. These sometimes end up in the form of small LED systems or a variable-frequency generator.


Me making a layer for a LED cube

During the couple of sessions that have past, my perception for the ASA has completely changed from what I had predicted. I realized that even the small projects we did were not easy undertakings, at least for me. I’ve already burnt myself once while using a soldering iron, an extremely hot tool used to melt flakes of aluminum that joins different parts together. This activity is a new challenge for me as I am quite weak and slow in the skills needed to solder minuscule parts onto a board. This is also fueled by my need for perfection. Therefore, the one gizmo that I have completed was the best in the group.




Making circuits and using a soldering iron also require collaboration and a sense of awareness. One has to make sure not to burn oneself, someone else, or any school property. I would say if not given proper instructions, this ASA can turn dangerous pretty quickly.

Sitting on a chair and focusing on pieces less than a centimetre long demands patience and perseverance. Already, I have been frustrated a couple of times and wished to quit the activity. However, I believe through practice I can improve my skills and reach perfection in my projects more time-efficiently.

I find the 60 minutes appealing and well-spent. I am able to concentrate, collaborate, and ameliorate myself.

Our work:



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