Coached Cricket

For the final mini afterschool activities block of the year, I was delighted to see the option of cricket in the registration sheet. Chances to play cricket come around rarely in school, and as a moderate cricket fan myself, it didn’t require much thinking for me to tick the box.

Today was the first out of five sessions and it was basically a chance for all the players to check out each other’s abilities. I must say there was a wide variety of talent on the pitch, from some being able to take runs on each ball and others not being able to bowl a correct delivery. However, this is where the ‘coached’ part of the activity’s name comes in. During the next four sessions, we, as a team, aim to bring our skills up to a point at which each player can carry out their role correctly. Four sessions, by far, aren’t enough to achieve anything major, but are sufficient enough to break a sweat and have some fun.

In regards to myself, I simply believe that I am out of practice. I have not played cricket at all this school year, so obviously I’ve forgotten even the most basic skills I had. This could be seen on the pitch. When I was given the third over to bowl, my first three deliveries were either wides or no-balls, and not by a small amount, but by a big margin. So, for the remaining three, the coach suggested I slowed down, reduced my run-up, and focused on the point I wanted the ball to land. It worked. I was able to bowl right at the batsman’s feet, however, in compensation for that, my ball was slow and vulnerable to a big hit.

Featured Image: Amit Kumar

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