DP2 CAS Goals


Aerial view of OSC, shot using a DJI Phantom 3 drone

With this being the final year of my high school career, I have many high prospects for myself that I would like to achieve. This year, I would like to be in my best form through organization and time management. With academics looming over my head 24/7, it will be a challenge to balance them with my extracurriculars.


My primary undertaking for creativity will be Model United Nations. After being present in conference as a delegate for the past two years, I am looking forward to joining the EXCO, the executive committee that organizes each COMUN conference. As a person interested in technology and management, I am hoping to get the position of Head of Logistics, where I’ll have to manage the organization and arrangement of numerous things such as registration, sponsorship, food, delegate packs, technology, practice debates, the actual conference, etc.

By taking on such a role, I will greatly challenge myself and develop new skills since it will be a first time experience. This opportunity will help me gain awareness of how I perform with such tasks, and where my strengths and weaknesses lie. Commitment and collaboration will be highly important as both are required to work effectively with the executive committee in having a successful conference. This won’t be a problem for me as I am good at both of these traits.


For quite a while now, especially the last two years, I have been honing my badminton skills. Last year I had hopes of making the SAISA team, but missed by a small margin. This time, I am back with a dedicated mindset and have full confidence that I will make the team. I plan to practice badminton during the actual season as well as outside of school during weekends. My goal is to graduate high school with a sport achievement under my belt, and I will put in all the time and energy required to do so.

I am also looking into joining volleyball for the first season of sports. This is less about making the team, but rather more for getting into shape and increasing my stamina, which will be useful in badminton and day-to-day life.


My contributions in service last year were prolific. I, along with a friend, planned and initiated our own service –Community Film– and accomplished the goal of raising awareness for the local community through the medium of film to a great degree. Now, not only would we like to maintain the same standards, but rather set the bar even higher.

Previously, there were only the two of us, but this time we are expecting a few more people to join. Hence, it is important that all the members have specific roles that are service oriented. We would like to spend the Thursday afterschool sessions focusing on the service element by filming and interacting with other service groups. The editing will need to be done as a creative aspect outside of school hours.


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