Community Film – new horizons

During the first Thursday meeting of this year and semester, we went over many areas such as expectations and commitment, prospect projects, steps in creating a film, publishing, advertising, etc. It was an extremely successful meeting since the leaders weren’t the only ones talking, instead all the members were pitching in with their own opinions and suggestions. This gave rise to some useful innovative ideas that the service could benefit from.

One of our biggest problems so far has been equipment. With the addition of 4 new members, it’s necessary to have enough equipment so that everyone can be productive. Without enough cameras, tripods, microphones etc., our service cannot function at its maximum potential. During the first meeting, only 2 tripods and 1 camera could be arranged out of the 6 of us. Subsequently, as the leader of my service, I’ve been running around like a headless chicken for the past two weeks trying to arrange equipment from places like the library and technology department.


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