Serve, Set, Spike!


A set.

Since I started playing volleyball a few weeks ago, I have become more aware of my physical abilities. I would say that not having done much physical activity over the course of the summer break hasn’t put me in a good shape. I noticed this during the strenuous warmups at the beginning of each practice session, which included everything from running to pushups to stretching. It went on for about 30 minutes every session on Tuesday and Friday, and by the time I finished, I was close to full-exhaustion. However, as each practice went by, I was able to do more indicating that my stamina was increasing, which was one of my main goals.


An overhead serve.

Regarding the game of volleyball specifically, I’ve noticed that I’m pretty bad, but that’s a given considering I’ve rarely played the sport before. However, my skills showed a gradual improvement every time I attended practice. My ability to pass the ball in a certain direction became more accurate over time as I got more comfortable with the ball. Even in practice drills designed for each skill such as setting, spiking, etc., I was able to perform better with my partner after initially making some errors.



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