Weekly Sinhala – A CF Program

Ars per the principal’s request to promote Sinhala, Sri Lanka’s primary language, in school, Community Film launched a new video series called Weekly Sinhala. Its purpose is to teach the OSC community one new Sinhala word/phrase by making a 30-40 second video every week.


Filming students says the weekly word/phrase.

Although the series is a very effective method to support the local culture, it also proves to be a challenge for us. Coming up with new ideas and recording interesting footage for every week pushes our creativity to the limits. Additionally, the editing process, which can take at least a couple of hours for each video, is difficult to squeeze into our DP schedule. Nevertheless, Weekly Sinhala is a valuable undertaking we’re able to contribute to the community through our own work.

Our first word was Ãyubūvan, “welcome” in Sinhala. The video can be found below.



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