Community Film Studio

Community Film recently unveiled its own dedicated studio in school. It is already solving many of our logistical problems when it comes to having our own workplace and storing our equipment. The new space comes equipped with a complete lighting kit consisting of green, black and white screens, 2 diffusor lights, 2 umbrella lights and reflectors. This equipment opens a new door to how we will be able to customize the ambient light in our shots and how professional-looking our interviews will be.

The studio stands for the collectivity of Community Film. Although the room is relatively small to be a full-scale studio, through our inventiveness, we made the best of the space we had. To block out external light, we built a “wall” out of stacked tables against the windows, completed with a draping black cloth over them. We have fixed places for camera, audio and lighting equipment to be most effective, while being versatile enough that the congestion doesn’t hinder our work.

I am also personally proud of this studio as it represents my commitment and perseverance to my service and its mission. Had it not been for my 4 months of continuous communication with the technology director, we would not have any of the resources available to us now.



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