SAISA Badminton – Independent Photography

SAISA (South Asian Inter-Scholastic Association) this season brought together 10 international schools from across the Indian subcontinent to compete against one another in the sport of badminton.

I, myself, had been playing and attending practice sessions regularly for a few months now, however, I still wasn’t able to make our school’s SAISA Badminton team. That did not stop me from getting involved with my favorite sport though, and so I took on an important role as one of the event’s photographers.

Over the course of three days, I took hundreds of photos, many of which turned out to be million-dollar shots, figuratively. As this was my first time doing photography for an entire event, I was able to experiment around and explore my creative abilities. This included, but was not limited to, messing around with camera settings, using different equipment such as tripods and steadicams, and getting into unusual physical positions to get that million-dollar photograph.

This was also my chance at exploring action-photography, a genre I had never touched before. Fast-paced movements such as the smash of the racket and the flick of the shuttlecock required me to experiment with aperture, motion blur, exposure, depth-of-field, etc., all intricate details involved while taking a picture.

Photography becomes exponentially better with more people, as more brains result in more creativity. This was the case during SAISA badminton when I was constantly joined by various friends throughout the three days. Some of them had ample photography knowledge like me; those who didn’t were interested in learning. This presented the opportunity for me to “passionately” teach them while also refining my own skills. Many of my peers’ photographs were amazing, some even better than mine :D.

All photo edits and color corrections done by me. © Shloak Aggarwal


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