The Merge emerges 3rd at Gecko Factor!

After competing against the school’s most talented individuals, the Merge managed to secure 3rd place at Gecko Factor last Friday, the 17th of February (which also hap

The Merge is our Grade 12 dance group who performed at our annual talent show. As a proud member of the ten individuals, I can confidently say that the time and effort we put in was completely worth it. Additionally, we managed this project alongside our Grade 12 academics, which was a big challenge, but at the end, we were able to understand and support each other.

We actually came up with our name just an hour before our performance. Formerly known as the ‘DP2 Dance Group’, we decided that we needed a catchy name to reflect our energetic dance, and The Merge was what we came up with out of nowhere. Credits to 70% Angie G  and 30% AK for coming up with the name.IMG_2294

Although the first part of our dance went smoothly without any hitches, the transition was where everything went south. Apparently, the sound technicians swapped placed in the middle of the show, and due to a lack of communication, the new sound technician played an old version of the edited song. The extra few seconds of the song contained parts which we hadn’t prepared steps for. However, I must say that we managed to stay in character and acted as if nothing had happened. We carried on smoothly with our dance. The last part of the song could have gone better (as I messed up on some steps), but I would say we overall pulled off an extremely successful performance.

Here are a few of our snapshots of our dance:


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