Color Run 2017!


Losing our breath: Me, Amit, Ariana, Pavit

What better way to run a marathon than having color thrown at you along the way. The Color Run 2017, organized by the Rainforest Trust of Sri Lanka was held on March 11th, 2017 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.DSC_6053

We hit the road at Independence Square, from where we passed Racecourse to get back to where we started and then ran to Racecourse again for the final gathering. I was joined by Amit, Ariana, Ika, Pavit, and Shivangi from my grade apart from other people from our school. In total, the event brought together at least 200 to 300 people of all ages and sizes from around Colombo. It was a brilliant demonstration of commitment as people finished the 5 kilometers in different lengths of time.

DSC_6065The run was mainly organized to raise awareness for the deforestation and environmental damage happening in some of the northern regions of Sri Lanka. If I was one of the organizers, I’d say the run was very successful. It helped us engage with issues of global importance, while at the same time engaging in an action activity. Not only did this event bring awareness to their cause, but also raised money through the selling of t-shirts for Rs.500 and through charity donations.

Although I realized I was really out of shape, it was still the happiest 5k I’ve ever run.

© Pictures courtesy of Hassan

Press coverage: DailyFT

Description of the trust


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